Hey all, and Happy New Music Thursday!

We released this track this morning via our soundcloud page, and we’re thrilled to share it with you absolutely for free.

Dig in to the Big Cats! remix of our tune “Sirens” featuring new verses from Rapper Hooks and Maria Isa.  The track does explores all of the thoughts that flashing red/blue lights and blaring sirens evoke as they pass in the streets.  If you like it, please feel free to download it.

On June 8, we will be hosting a DEBUT LIVE PERFORMANCE of the track with the featured artists and special guests Villa Rosa and Klassik (MKE) at Hell’s Kitchen.  Advanced tickets will be $5 at the Electric Fetus; they will be $8 at the door.  The performance will start at 10pm, and we’ll be there all night.

Live, love, listen, listen again, and share if you please (and thank you!).



The Shocking Truth: Thunder, Snow, and Spring

Well, we’re finally reaching the end of April, and with that we’re finally melting….MELTING I SAY!!!  With any luck, all of the white and brown junk-snow that’s leftover from this week’s most recent winter-surprise (reprise?) will be gone by the end of the day, and at least we’ve got some numbers over 50 in the forecast!!

That said, it’s shaping up to be the perfect weather for show-going in the Twin Cities.  While dreams of outdoor stages, bright lights, and that perpetual summer-glaze are still just out of reach, we’ve got a couple of nights coming up that we’d like to invite you to.  We will have a BIG announcement coming up very soon, but here’s the update for now. The best part it, EVENTS START TOMORROW!!


The fine folks at our favorite Minneapolis brewery invited us to come on down (Price is Right style) to close out the month in style.  While they’ll be there serving up pints of their current beers-on-tap (Saison Nourrice, Barrel-Aged Suga’ Mama, Wodan Weizen, and the stalwart West Side IPA), POTTER’S PASTIES will be on hand crankin out delicious treats wrapped up into a totally delectable pocket.  We’ll kick things off with an acoustic set at 9 and ramp up the energy to get us all groovin steady by 11 in true Electric Children fashion.  Dig the video link below for a snip of one of our new tunes!!

*****VIDEO LINK——>> Electric Children Groove Sharp <<——VIDEO LINK*****


Our longtime friends in What Tyrants are diving straight into spring with a Minne-Series at the Nomad on Cedar Ave in Minneapolis, and they’ve invited us to play on the first night. We’ll be there with a slew of other folks, and if you’d like to RSVP and check out more of the bands the Tyrants will be featuring throughout the month, click here.  Big ups to them.

We’ll keep you posted so keep your eyes peeled.  

Much love,


Marching Into…March.

We are finally hitting the road and the weather looks B-E-A-Utiful for our trip down 94-E into Milwaukee for two very different, but very awesome shows.

First up, we’red headed to Bad Genie on Jefferson St. in Downtown Milwaukee. We’re playing from 10pm-1am so we will have plnety of time to groove and hang out with all who want to join us!



Check out the Facebook event below!
Electric Children – Bad Genie – March 8th

On Saturday, we are joining forces with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) for a wonderful evening of fundraising, awareness, nice clothes and good music. Hopefully this event will foster new breakthroughs in treating and curing this disease by funding our medical researchers so they have the tools and resources needed to combat Juvenile Diabetes in our society. After all, we are all “Electric Children” and we should all be healthy.

For now, it’s time to practice, pack up and head out on a memorable road trip to one of the chillest cities in the Midwest.

See you soon, Milwaukee.

Home brewed Beer, Homemade Music

Stuck in a rut thinking about what to do this weekend?  Look no further than everything your local tap room scene has to offer.  So many of them have popped up over the past year that if you haven’t seen or experienced one yet, you may soon find yourself overwhelmed with options.  Our suggested favorite: Harriet Brewing.

Harriet Brewing Company down on the corner of Minnehaha and Lake in South Minneapolis will be hosting us for the first (and only) of our March shows in Minneapolis (March 2). To return the favor, we’ll be debuting a handful of new songs in their amazing tap room.  They always know how to put on a great night- we always think back to their yearly Rauchfest concert extravaganza (which takes place in the fall)- and always have some of the fullest-flavor beers available.  Some of our personal favorites are their mainstay IPA “West Side” and their Belgian-Style Dubbel “Dark Abbey,” but there are flavors and colors for everyone.  Art work in the tap room is furnished by the one and only Jesse Brodd, and there’s even an image he painted during our CD release after party hanging behind the stage!

We hope to see you soon, and if you’re on facebook, cruise over to like our page, see photos, explore the Harriet Brewing‘s Tap Room, and RSVP for this Saturday, March 2nd with us and Primadonahue at 7PM!!

Much Love,

Sharing the Love

Happy Hump Day friends, family, followers, and fans!

We know that Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, and we’re not trying to push an agenda that mandates flowers, candy, and over-the-top sentimentality.  However, one nice thing about “holidays” like V-Day is that they can be here to help share the non-romantic love we have with friends, family, followers, and fans.  We are incredibly thankful for all the support we’ve gotten over the past two years, and we’re almost to major high-water mark that publicly shows that: we have nearly 500 “likes” on our Facebook page.  If you have the time and are Facebook affiliated, we would really appreciate your help in crossing that number and continuing to climb.  If you dig it, give us that little online thumbs up and maybe share our profile with a friend.  What’s better than the soothing sounds of R&B Jazz to heat up your V-Day sweetie?

What else starts with “V”, you ask? Voting! Another great way to help us grow and share our love of music with more friends, family, followers, and fans is to cruise over to’s website and rate us (on a 1-10 scale, 1 being lowest and 10 highest) in their “Are You Local” poll.  Today’s the last day to vote.  If you have a minute, we will really appreciate the support and love!

Finally, stay tuned for more updates on upcoming shows and the official listing of our March 2013 tour dates.  It’s just around the corner!

Thanks for everything.

From EC, with love

New Photos and a bit of News

Hey all,

Just a heads up that we’ve got some wonderful photos taken by Derek Lundmark and Lauren Carpenter at our most recent Minneapolis show at Hell’s Kitchen.  Big ups to them for the awesome shots, and a major shout out to Sexy Delicious, The Crunchy Kids, Dream Crusher, the fine folks at Hell’s, and every one of the dancing people that came out to make the last Saturday in 2012 a night to remember.  Pictures of our set are available under the “Gallery” tab above.  Peep em, share em, and stay tuned for more info about what we’re up to this winter.  Can you say, “Tour II”?

Much love,



The Show Must Go On

First off, we have to send our heartfelt condolences and prayers to all of those affected during the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut. It sent chills through our community but we’re optimistic that we can all push forward, move on and feel secure wherever life takes us. The show must go on.

On a positive note, it’s been a great month of shows and songwriting for the band. On December 5th, we played a rocking version of “Release Me” with a trio of dancers from the University of Minnesota Dance Center at Sample Night Live! It was a great time and we always appreciate their support. On December 8th, we rocked out Amsterdam Hall in St. Paul with our good friends William Within and we can’t wait to play with them again.

Now, it’s time for the big push before our last show of 2012.

We refuse to believe that the End of the World is upon us. That’s why we booked more shows. Sorry, Mayans, the show must go on.

Hell Freezes Over – December 29th, 2012

Featuring: Dream Crusher, Sexy Delicious, and Crunchy Kids.

Price: $7 at the door. Pre-sale tickets are available at Electric Fetus for $5. There will be discounts on merchandise when you show your pre-sale ticket during your purchase.


We also have some big news for anyone who wants our brand new t-shirt.



Other than that, we are working hard on a couple of other projects. Our collaboration with Big Cats & Maria Isa from Villa Rosa is almost complete. Please stay tuned for announcements regarding the release date and show surrounding this new track inspired by “Sirens” off our new EP.

Secondly, we have tentative plans for our Child’s Play Spring Tour 2013 in which we’ll be traveling around the country spreading good music and good vibes from state to state. We are excited to get on the road, and I’m sure you are too.

With all of that said, Happy Holidays from all of us in Electric Children. Stay safe and warm and we’ll see you on the 29th.




EC Wide Crop Sonic Bids

With all the excitement over Thanksgiving, the hubub about Black Friday, the new-and-improved Cyber Monday, it’s hard to keep the days of the week (much less the months of the year) in order.  Before we know it, December will be here, so why not keep the smooth and funky tunes flowing throughout the holiday season?  We’ve got a number of upcoming performances and special announcements to make during the next busy month, so let’s dive in!

Our performance calendar is filling up with some ultra-neat gigs.  Check this out:


The Whiskey Junction has asked us to join them in welcoming Bloomington, Indiana’s finest, the MAIN SQUEEZE.  These guys describe their music as a blend of rock, jazz, funk, R&B, hip hop, and electro.  When you hear them rip through their tunes while artfully decorating your ear canals with colorful splashes of sound, you won’t be able to keep your butt still, and we’re thrilled to be sharing the stage with them.  The show starts at 9PM and the door cost is $5.  You’ll have to be 21+ to join us, but stop by for a Thirsty Thursday special.  The Whiskey Junction knows how to keep you and us happy.

Wednesday, December 5:

Once again, the wonderful folks at SAMPLE NIGHT LIVE have asked us to come back for their annual Audience Favorite showcase.   This time around, we have a few of our dancing friends join us on stage as Emily B. and her team from the University of Minnesota provide a visual accompaniment to one of the songs from Ride the Flow.  For those who don’t know, Sample Night Live presents a dozen short samples of quality  performing arts events plus a visual arts installation on the first Wednesday of each month.  Audiences use the playbill to opt in to the groups they love.  It’s a great way to learn about quality work that is happening in the arts scene and discover something new!  Plus, if you show up and vote for us, we could win the title of Audience Favorite of the year!  Everyone who shows up gets the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to The Ordway, The Guthrie, original art work, CDs, and many other prizes donated by the groups performing that evening. Plus, everyone leaves with a goody bag filled with freebies and discount coupons to shows and events all over town.  Act I is Rated-G, Act II is Unrated; and kids get in FREEUse Discount Code MEMBERS and get $5 off admission online. Buy tickets, check out the line-up and see the complete list of prizes at Hope to see you in St. Paul!

Saturday, December 8:

Speaking of St. Paul, we were honored that the guys in WILLIAM WITHIN asked us to close out the night with them over at the Amsterdam Hall (that’s right, the BIG stage!).  We’ll be spending the night with Lotus Eater, Big Fals, Bomba de Luz (as heard on MPR!!), and of course the big Bill W (we’re also sharing our drummer with them!).  Bomba de Luz has been buzzing like a bunch of little worker bees all around the city, and all of us have new CDs and gift ideas for you, so stop on by and stick around for our late night set.

Saturday, December 29:

This one’s the big one folks.  We’ve been working on putting together an end-of-2012 bash for the past couple of months, and things are coming into shape like you wouldn’t believe. First off, the line up is more banging than any party we’ve thrown yet.  The smooth body-rockin sounds of R&B trio SEXY DELICIOUS are going to start out the night, THE CRUNCHY KIDS are going to get buck with us all to bring the energy up to a peak, we’ll play third with some new tunes to cruise into 2013 with, and DREAM CRUSHER.  All of these cats have been out on tour with multiple (wonderful) music projects, and we’re thrilled to have them all back here in Minneapolis at HELL’S KITCHEN for one night only.  We’ve got ADVANCE TICKETS FOR $5 available at THE ELECTRIC FETUS  in Minneapolis (as well as from any of the band members), and if you wait until the night of, it will cost $7 at the door.  Click this thumbnail and dig this dope artwork that our friend Lindsee made for us!!

Thanks for bringing us with you on your December adventures! We certainly hope to see you out at one of ours!



Tis the Season to Minneapolis

It seems almost impossible that it’s been a week since our nation went to the polling places and cast our ballots, but it certainly has!

Just checking in after the weekend on the road.  We had the opportunity to share a few moments and some wonderful music with some great friends around.  We want to take a quick minute to give out proper thanks and praise, and let you know about what’s in store for the coming months.  Be sure to check out the pictures in our “Gallery” section!

We have to first start with Mike, the tow truck driver.  Mike is a Texas transplant living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, these days, and he owns D & D Towing.  We had the pleasure of working with Mike after our diesel engine 1997 Ford F-350 coasted to a stop on the side of Iowa highway 380.  We were about 50 miles away from the venue we were supposed to play that night and without a clue in the world how we would make it there in time for our set.  Mike, whom we found indirectly through Kirstin’s wonderful mother Rosemary (Rosemary, you really are the best), offered to tow us the remaining 50 miles to the venue, bring our truck back to Cedar Rapids to have his cousin work on it while the other shops were closed, and deliver it to us in the morning.  He found a way to open a dealership’s doors early on a Saturday morning so we could obtain the right parts for a broken idler belt and mechanism, and he drove close to 200 miles in the name of Electric Children.  Mike, we owe you big time and we’re forever grateful for your help.

On the same trip, Toby’s friend Joe drove an additional 75 miles in the name of us playing the show.  He picked us up from outside of Cedar Rapids, drove us alongside our truck to the venue, and even helped carry our gear.  What an unbelievable guy, and another one to whom we owe the success of the weekend.

On to the bands.  Dana T and Slip Silo in Iowa City, you guys were so awesome and incredibly flexible for working with us to make Friday night happen.  These folks pulled a last minute set switch with us to give us enough time to deal with towing, rides, and sleeping arrangements, and they put on an incredible show on top of it.  If you, reader, have the means, please check out their music and support these awesome Iowa guys.  You can hear their special blend of guitars, drum machines, vocals, and synthesizers right here.  The best part is, they can definitely dance too!  Thanks for your love, guys, we’ll have to see you soon

Our hosts for the next night, Bloomington, Indiana’s Apollo Quad, another group of incredibly understanding and supportive people.  They hyped the living daylights out of the show to bring their whole crew to hip them to something new…US!  Apollo Quad’s music, too, is reminiscent of a familiar sound to us.  With the live band set up and rap vocals with an underground edge, these guys would fit right in (if not on top of) the Minneapolis scene.  Their tunes are available here or on iTunes, and they would definitely appreciate support if you can.  They’re headed out to California in the coming weeks to take their music to new places and meet new people.  Hythum and company, you guys rock.

Now on to the news.

We’ve got some great things lined up for the coming months.  We’ll be taking December by storm with the hope that we’ll be able to keep ourselves and all of you warm and cozy.  We’ve also got new merchandise on the way and a few new collaborative projects in the works, so be sure to stay tuned to our facebook updates and our twitter feed for the best sources of information!


Sample Night Live and all of the Samplers from September voted us back into the loop for a second round!  We’ll be performing at History Theater in St. Paul once again to bring you seven minutes of heaven.  Come on down and groove with us, dig the actors acting, get wrapped up in the spoke word artists’ speaking, and move with the dancers dancing.  It’ll be eclectic as always, and you’ll get a taste of some of the cities’ most rewarding culture.  Tickets available online here.


Our friends in William Within invited us to play with them, Bomba de Luz, and Lotus Eater at the Amsterdam Hall in St. Paul.  It’ll be our second night in St. Paul in short order, but this time around we get a full set.  All of these groups have been buzzing around town recently, and we couldn’t be happier to play the show.  We close out the night from 12-1Am, and much more information is to come.


We’re throwing a show to end the year at Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis, and we’ve got some of the hottest acts in town on board.  Sexy Delicious is going to open up the night with their back-seat R&B/Jazz/Funk grooves, the Crunchy Kids are going to take the stage second to pump it all up a few notches with their live band hip hop, we play third to keep the vibe alive, and Dream Crusher will close out the night with a rare Twin Cities performance.  We’re thrilled to be working with some of our favorite musicians, and we want you to join us for the special occasion.  More information, artwork, and giveaways to come.  Keep your ears peeled!

Thanks for listening ya’ll, and hit us up with any questions you have at any time!



Hitting the Road

Hey friends, family, and folks we don’t know yet!

It’s good to be writing on election day just before we take off on our first adventure on the road.  If you’re in America with us, we hope you all were able to celebrate your civic rights today by casting a vote.  Being able to make our voices heard is a great thing to exercise.

In band news, we’ll be making a small circle around the midwest in support of our recently released EP Ride the Flow this weekend.  We absolutely love the support we’ve gotten around here, and now it’s time to spread that love around and stretch our touring legs.  If you know anyone in these towns who you think would like our music, please help us out and invite them out to any of the shows.  The more the merrier, and we know that if they’re your friends, they’ll have the same great taste.

Friday, we’re going to make our inaugural stop in Iowa City, IA, at a place called Gabe’s.  Our friends in Slip Silo put us on for our first show in town, and we’re thrilled to be playing alongside their electronic-jazz sounds.  It’ll be fun to keep the crowd moving with our own blend of soul, jazz, and R&B, and we want to see everybody in the place dancing.  If you’re on facebook, you can find a link to the event page here.  We go on around 10pm.

Saturday, it’s off to Bloomington, Indiana for a visit that comes close to the Indiana University campus (but not too close!).  We’ll be performing at the Video Saloon with more new friends in an awesome group called Apollo Quad.  Their tunes remind us a lot of a combination of What Tyrants and Duenday, both of whom we absolutely love to play with.  There will be three bands on the bill (we play at 11pm), and you’re bound to stay hopping all night to their hip-hop-meets-piano-rock innovations.  Again, a facebook event page exists here.

Sunday, the last day of this first tour, we’ll be in Chicago, IL, at a new spot for us, Elbo Room.  There’s going to be a full night of music, and we’ll be starting things off early.  Join us at 8pm at the venue and enjoy some of the specials they have: $5 Sailor Jerry drinks, $4 tallboys and draft beers of the month, $3 High Life cans, and $3 Jameson shots.  There will be a lot of music on the show, and we’ll be on the radio in town to promote the show the day-of.  More to come on that, so stay tuned to our facebook and twitter accounts.  Here’s one last facebook event page to RSVP if you’re in town.

Thanks so much for all of your love and continued support.  We’ll have plenty of pictures and stories to share from the road, so keep in touch!